Our Story

Bringing you skincare that can handle all your adventures… while being gentle on sensitive skin and safe for the environment.

Origins of Hawaii Peeps

It was the late ’90s, as a licensed massage therapist (immersed in studies of herbalism, nutrition, physiology, aromatherapy) I started an essential oil company, creating custom blends for my clients. That evolved into producing formulations sold in stores, spas, surf shops on Hawai’i Island.

It was more of an impassioned side-project, and after moving to Kaua’i, I began to focus much of my spare time on “the sunscreen issue”, promoting sunscreen brands safe for people and the environment, while at the same time working tirelessly to push legislation to ban toxic sunscreen ingredients decimating our coral reefs.  

While the natural, mineral sunscreen market grew (and our sunscreen bill passed!), there were now many awesome new formulations to choose from. Still,  I never quite found the perfect sunscreen for me; one that could handle 2-3 hour surf sessions in mid-day Hawai’i sun while also not stinging my eyes, being too greasy, clogging my pores and being gentle on my very sensitive skin.  

From this Hawai’i Peeps was born. With the success of our Sun Mud it seemed the right moment to bring back previous fan-favorites and share fresh formulations. Our extreme conditions in Hawai’i prove to be an ideal testing ground. The goal is to create truly safe, natural products that can handle for the most hardcore athletes while being safe for babies… and everyone in between!

Formulations That Make You XO Yourself Even More.

It’s that feeling… when we apply our Kukui Nui Sun Mud and catch the inspiring scent as we paddle out on a beautiful sunny day. When our stress lifts away as we spritz our skin with magnesium-rich Vetiver-infused Kaua’i Salt Spray. As we take a luxurious bath or foot soak in wildcrafted Hawaiian Botanicals. And the warm hug as we indulge in our Lani Moa Signature Body Oil kissed with Kapa’a Vanilla Bean and Hawai’i Island Sandalwood. These are experiences we want to share. 

Hawaii Made Bath and Foot Soaks

Why Choose Hawaii Peeps?

We consider body care an important part of health care. We believe anything you apply to the skin should be as pure as possible. We create consciously, utilizing botanicals from nature, safe for people and the environment; ingredients you and your family can use without compromise. Every formulation is holistic and our entire line works synergistically.

Hawai'i life infused in every bottle

Inspired by our beautiful, tropical environment, abundance of mana, unique super fruits, lush jungles, healing botanicals, sunny days, rainbows and salt spray.

We never compromise on quality

This is what we put on our body. These are the gifts we share with family and friends. We source only the highest quality oils and supercritical CO2 extracts. Wildcraft the most fragrant island flowers and potent medicinal plants. Work with Kaua’i organic farmers. Formulate traditional solar infusions in the potent Hawai’i sun.

We source natural, organic and local

We always look first to local and wildcraft ingredients, sourcing non-GMO and organic when available. Ingredients change with the seasons and we’re always intrigued and ready to incorporate what nature has to offer.

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