Bedtime Bliss CBD Balm


Bedtime Bliss CDB Healing Balm

Full spectrum supercritical CO2 hemp oil combined with a solar infusion of Turmeric, Curcumin Extract, Ginger, Comfrey, Calendula, Oregano, Lavender… Keep by the bedside, apply our Hawaii CBD balm before sleep to areas of aches, tension, sore muscles, old injuries. Feel the bliss!


Our Bedtime Bliss Hawaii CBD Balm utilizes a whole food, full spectrum raw cannabis supercritical CO2 extract in a solar infusion of organic botanicals.


We combine our CBD with Hawai'i botanical solar infusions – in organic Coconut, Olive, Sunflower and Hemp Oils – of Turmeric*, Ginger*, Comfrey*, Calendula*, Oregano*, Lavender*, Galangal*, Chamomile*, Valerian*, Hops*, Curcumin Extract*, Rosemary*. This is in a base of Virgin Shea Butter* and Mango Butter* with beeswax sourced from the North Shore of Kaua'i. Includes Supercritical CO2 extracts of Coconut, Vanilla, Mango. 

We source Natural, Non-GMO, *Organic as available. We use cold processed oils. Made in a facility with nut oils. Ginger can be photosensitizing, we recommend using at night (or under clothes). Light yellow turmeric color can stain; rub in well after application.


Massage in to areas of pain, inflammation. Add more to chest, neck and shoulders, inhale deep, relax, unwind.


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.5oz Tin, 1oz Amber Glass Jar, 2oz Amber Glass Jar


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