Derma Buttah

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Gentle, natural, plant-based emollient for dry, damaged, itchy, problem child skin and hair.



Calm, moisturize, reduce itch. Works on problem child skin including dry, ashy, cracked, irritated skin. Rich in Shea Butter, this can be used on problem child hair as well; warm quarter-sized amount in palm, then apply to damp hair.

Butter vs. Cream

Did you know creams are typically water-based and filled with preservatives? These preservatives can irritate skin that may already be inflamed.

Our Derma Buttah is a light butter + oil-based emollient that helps preserve moisture in the skin. Rich in botanicals that may calm, soothe, while being mild for the most sensitive skin. Formulated to absorb quickly while leaving a light protective layer on the epidermis to support your skin’s natural barrier.


Shea butter*, tamanu oil*, mct coconut oil*, rosehip oil*, calendula*, colloidal oats*, kokum*, jojoba oil*, essential oils of chamomile*, manuka, helichrysum*, Hawaii Island sandalwood, non-gmo vitamin e, zinc oxide. *organic

Do skin patch test.

FOR BEST RESULTS use in conjunction with a detox from chemicals, fragrances, harsh preservatives found in many skin, body & haircare products. Also consider using filtered water for bath and showers.

TIP: Mist area with one of our hydrosols first, then apply your Derma Buttah.

Crafted in small batches on Kaua’i.

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Not meant as a “cure” or to replace doctor’s advice. Please see a doctor for any serious skin issues.

Additional information

Sistah's Derma Butter

Glass Jar 2oz

1 review for Derma Buttah

  1. Bhavana in Kauai

    I love the smell of this, and it really softens and heals my skin. It has a calming butter yellow color. I can’t put my finger on the scent, it reminds me of something Indian. Mahalo for yet another fabulous creation!

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