Ginger Lily Hydrosol


Ginger Lily Hydrosol | 60ML | Reusable / Recyclable Colored Glass Mist Spray Bottle

Hawaiian Hydrosols made with wildcraft & organically grown botanicals from Kaua’i. Butterfly Ginger Lily Flowers + a touch of Kahili Ginger and Hapu’u Fern. These “gingers” smell amazing but are invasive; harvesting helps slow the spread. Real skin food.

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Butterfly Ginger Lily

***Current distillation 9/23: Butterfly Ginger Lily with a touch of Kahili Ginger and Fern. INGREDIENTS: Kaua’i Hedychium Coronarium, Hedychium Gardnerianum, Cibotium Menziesii Hydrolate.***

Hawaiian Hydrosols made with wildcraft & organically grown botanicals from Kaua’i Ginger Lily Flowers, with a touch of Kahili Ginger Flowers and Hapu’u Fern. These “gingers” are invasive; harvesting the flowers helps slow the spread. Uses: Face & body spray, air / energy purification, refresh linens & clothes. Mist & inhale! Qualities: Stimulate & flourish.

  • Refresh
  • Reset
  • Facial toner
  • Hydrate
  • Air Purification
  • Support skin health

Why Hydrosols

Hydrosols can be used as face toner, after-sun, body spray, meditation, purification, wounds, calming, chakra openers, hair mist, oral hygiene, light deodorant, anti-itch, air freshener (car and home), linen spray, garment freshener, aphrodisiac room mist.... When your energy is off (stress, emfs, imbalance) cellular waters can be sprayed (on skin, orally, inhaled) to achieve balance. The vibrational effect of the pure plant essence, though less concentrated than essential oils, are imbued with all the volatile components of the plant. They are more gentle, safe and easier to use throughout the day with a subtle yet potent effect.

Why Hawaii Peeps?

Hawaii Peeps Hydrosols are 100% pure with no added preservatives or fragrances. Our hydrosols are made from wildcraft and organically grown botanicals from the island of Kaua'i and steam-distilled from purified Hawaiian waters. These are specifically distilled for hydrosols and not as a biproduct of the essential oil making process. We make these concentrated and in small batches with aloha. Fragrances can vary, season to season, batch to batch. Bottles are sterilized with organic alcohol.

Store in cool space or refrigerate.

Please note: These are not synthetic chemical "floral waters". If you are looking for a synthetic perfume scent you are likely not looking for a real hydrosol. This is similar to the real scent of flower in nature.

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Not intended to diagnose or cure. Always seek advice of physician.


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