Kahili Ginger Flower Hydrosol

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Kahili Ginger Flower | 60ML | Reusable / Recyclable Colored Glass Mist Spray Bottle

Pure Hawaiian Hydrosols made from wildcraft and organically grown botanicals from Kaua’i. Our Kahili Ginger Flower captures the floral with a hint of spice. Captures the scent of Koke’e.

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Kahili Ginger Flower Hydrosol

Kahili Ginger Flowers (also known as Himalayan Ginger) are fragrant floral with neutral to slight warming qualities; ethereal yet grounding. Kahili Ginger is actually a non-native plant that is considered invasive in Hawai'i as they can overtake native plants. That said its fragrance is absolutely gorgeous. If you love natural tropical floral scents, this hydrosol delivers!


  • Facial Mist
  • Body Spray
  • Hair Mist
  • Light Deodorant
  • Moisturizing; Nourishing
  • Air Purification
  • Inspirational Mood Enhancer
  • Set Intent
  • Support Skin Health
  • Skin Problems
  • Scalp Tonic
  • Positive Energy Flow
  • Garment and Linen Spray

Use as needed.

Why Hawaii Peeps?

Hawaii Peeps Hydrosols are 100% pure with no added preservatives or fragrances. Our hydrosols are made from wildcraft and organically grown botanicals from the island of Kaua'i and steam-distilled with pure Hawaiian waters. These are specifically distilled for hydrosols and not as a biproduct of the essential oil making process. We make these concentrated and in small batches. The fragrance can vary, season to season, batch to batch. No need to shake (as opposed to inexpensive essential oil / alcohol "floral waters") as each molecule of water contains the life force essence of the flowers.

Store in a cool space or refrigerate. Best within one year of purchase. Use and enjoy!!

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*Note hydrosols are not perfumes. If you are looking for synthetic tropical fragrances you may not appreciate the quality of this product. That said, the potency of this scent is: strong.

Kahili Ginger Lily Flowers are seasonal and so is our hydrosol. We do limited edition runs; each batch is unique.***Our latest batch 08/2023***

Not intended to diagnose or cure. Always seek advice of physician.

1 review for Kahili Ginger Flower Hydrosol

  1. Li

    I haven’t tried this flavor specifically, but I was lucky enough to try lemongrass and let me tell you, it is so refreshing and uplifting. A few sprays to the face on my way out the door helps my skin feel refreshed and the smell is clean and natural. A must have in your bag.

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