Kukui Nui Sun Mud Sunscreen Stick

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Kukui Nui Sun Mud Stick | Very Water-resistant | SPF35 | .6 ounces

Broad spectrum UV protection utilizing reef friendly non-nano food grade zinc oxide rich in anti-oxidant oils.


Convenient all natural broad spectrum mineral sunscreen stick great for hands-free application. A favorite with surfers, fishermen, paddlers, runners, cyclists, hikers, snowboarders…. with the light natural cacao coconut vanilla scent kids love to use them too! Compact, these easily sit in a back pack, fanny pack, diaper bag, purse or pocket.

Kukui Nui Sun Mud is made with anti-oxidant rich oils to protect from free radical damage. These absorb well and unlike many sunscreens that leave you greasy or sticky this leaves a nice matte finish. Our formulation is tinted and blends into all skin tones. Though we've crafted our sunscreen for extreme surfers and athletes they're safe for babies and those with the most sensitive skin… while working for everyone in between! (You don't need to buy two different formulations to accomplish this!)

Rethink Your Sunscreen

Kukui Nui Sun Mud is an amazing complement to your year-round skin care regimen. Wear it as a daily concealer, wear it to protect from the elements: sun, wind, cold, dry heat. It smells so good, feels so great on the skin, you'll love using it!

Kukui Nui Sun Mud is not diluted with aloe, water, alcohols. There are no harsh preservatives. This is a more concentrated product and a little goes a long way. You will also find you don't need to continually reapply.

Kukui Nui Sun Mud utilizes a non-nano food grade zinc oxide; gentle and healing on the skin. We never use aluminum (alumina) or coatings.

Why our Sun Mud is the ultimate sunscreen for athletes

It won't migrate on the skin and is formulated to handle through wet, sweat, and daily wear. It wont migrate on your skin when you work out – at the same time, it lets your skin breathe. It's so water resistant you can apply it under water. And it will never sting your eyes – you can even put it on your eyelids!

Product Ingredients

Babassu Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Kukui Nut Oil,* Macadamia Nut Oil, Mango Butter*, Kokum Butter*, Cocoa Butter*, Kauai’i Beeswax, Candelilla Wax, Cocoa Powder*, Tamanu Oil*, Sea Buckthorn Oil*, Black Seed Oil*, Grapeseed Oil, Supercritical CO2 extracts Coconut and Vanilla, Hawai’i Island Coffee Berry, Coffee Oil*, Kaua’i Vanilla Bean, Elderberry, Astaxanthin, Tonka Bean, Non-GMO Vitamin E from Sunflower Seeds. 22% Non-Nano Food Grade Zinc Oxide.

Natural, Non-GMO, *Organic as available. Contains nut oils. 

Product Application

Apply 1-2 layers on skin, rub in as needed. Apply thicker ("surfer style") in areas that are more susceptible to UV rays.

When possible wear hats, sunglasses, use rash guards, utilize shade, avoid the more extreme mid-day sun. Safe sunscreen should compliment all these efforts.

*The term "Reef Safe" is not regulated. There are no chemical UV filters used in the United States that are safe for people and/or marine life. Many sunscreens available in stores (including health food stores) claim to be "reef safe" on the bottle yet are filled with toxins, carcinogens, hormone disruptors. Learn more about ingredients to look for at bantoxicsunscreens.com and take the sunscreen pledge!

Safe Sunscreen Certified Reef Safe Hawaii

Additional information

Kukui Nui Sun Stick

Stick, Eco-Paperboard Stick, XL Eco-Paperboard Stick

3 reviews for Kukui Nui Sun Mud Sunscreen Stick

  1. Tania

    This stick is like no other! Perfect in every way! Slides in my wetsuit pocket so it’s always easy to reapply during a surf session. Consciously made for optimal ocean and skin health. My skin feels soft, moist and protected & so too our precious seas with this super sun stick!

  2. Marla

    I love the new applicator. The Kukui Nui Sun Mud just glides on my skin with a little rub to smooth and spread. I live on Kauai, I am in the sun every day and I feel protected wearing Kukui Nui Sun Mud. And it’s good for our reefs!

  3. Krystal K.

    Love this formula and it’s a great option for on the go touch ups! Perfect to throw in your pouch or car and knowing that it’s reef friendly is great!

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