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Mini Organic Skin Care Tins. Gift Box, Travel Kits comes in Altoid style metal tin stash box. Great to throw in the bag, take on the go.


SUNKIT: Kukui Nui Sun Mud Sunscreen | 15G | Aloha After Sun | 15ML

This SUNKIT includes our Kukui Nui Sun Mud + our Aloha After Sun. Our After Sun doesn't use aloe gel which requires either heavy preservatives or alcohols. We use aloe oil. This organic natural blend also includes the healing benefits of tamanu, coconut, noni, geranium…. Use it face and body. It's anti-oxidant rich to fight free radical damage. Use it post-sun to cool the skin (did you know heat alone can damage skin, and continue do do damage after a day in the sun even if you didn't get a "burn"?). A local fave!

SKIN+HAIR KIT: Kukui Nui Sun Mud Sunscreen | 15G | Hanalei Hair Oil | 15ML

Perfect gift for sun-kissed salty days. Our Kukui Nui Sun Mud for the ultimate organic UV skin protection. We created this to be able to wear daily on fave to replace foundation - rich, moisturizing, allows your skin to breath, AND as the ultimate surf/adventure reef-friendly eco-sunscreen; long-lasting, water/sweat-resistant to handle extreme conditions. Read more on the ingredients here. • Hanalei Hair Oil to protect, strengthen and condition hair especially medium to coarse. A local fave for surfers, paddlers. If you end up loving it, get a larger size to keep refilling your mini-bottle!

TIP: Our standard lip balms fit in the Kukui Nui Sun Mud + Aloha After Sun Kit - add one by going here: Organic Lip Balms

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BLISS KIT Bliss 5ml Roller + Bliss 15g Balm, SKIN HAIR KIT Kukui Nui Sun Mud 15g tin + Hanalei Hair Oil 7.5ml dropper, SUN KIT Kukui Nui Sun Mud + Aloha After Sun, ULTIMATE KIT Hanalei Hair Oil 7.5 ml + Pikake Body Roller 5ml + Bliss 5ml Roller

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  1. Krystal K.

    Perfect gifts for anyone!! I love the minis because they’re so convenient and easy to throw in your bag or car. The tin case is durable so you don’t have to worry about that, as well as being able to reuse them afterwards! Double score!!

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